When you’re a single person running a business there is SO much to think about. Particularly when it comes to your brand!

  • Does your brand make you feel proud and confident?
  • Is your brand attracting the right people?
  • Does your brand stand-out amongst and endless sea of competitors?
  • Does your brand truly represent you and your business?

As a Branding Stylist for women in business I work with lots of women to create and refine their brand and most of the time we start with a brand assessment. It’s a great way to ensure that your brand looks, feels and sounds like you and that you’ve got everything you need to make a great impression, wherever you are!

Your logo and brand design

  • Do you have a clear, professional looking logo which identifies you and your biz?
  • Do you use a consistent brand image through all your marketing materials?
  • Does your brand use a consistent colour scheme?
  • Does your brand use font types consistently?
  • Does your logo still meet the needs of your business and the clients that you currently serve? If not, it’s time for a change. Its main role is to attract your ideal customers and convert sales in your business so if it doesn’t do that, ditch it.

Your brand message and communication

  • Are you using a unified marketing message throughout your biz, social media platforms and website?
  • Do you have a clever tagline that clearly describes what you do?
  • Are all your details filled out on your website? Is it easy for people to contact you?
  • Can people find you easily on social media platforms? And when they do, do you look and feel the same? Can you they contact you easily?
  • Are you consistently showing up in your business? Every day, every two days? Posting on all the social media platforms you have set up? If not, ditch the ones that you feel you have no time for or ditch if your tribe don’t hang out there.

Your marketing materials

  • Do you have a ready-made stash of professional memes, social media covers, advertising banners and promo material?
  • Do you have professionally rich and bold printed stationery?
  • Do you have professional signage printed for trade shows, cars, events etc?
  • Do you have plenty of high quality business cards ready to hand out
  • Do you have a suite of bespoke template based graphics so you can quickly pull marketing messages together – a prime example of this is a branded meme (inspirational quote)
  • Is your packaging on point. Does it fit your product? Does it feature your brand colours? Does it have your logo printed on it?
  • Do you have an ebook free gift for your potential customers to sign up to? Does this reflect your branding throughout so people get a real flavour of you? Are your key messages the same as on your website and social media platforms? Is you logo on every page? Does it make them want to jump into action to work with you?
  • If you sell merchandise, is your logo on every item? Does it feature your tagline? Is the item you are giving away or selling relevant to your business.

According to Hubspot, up to 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, so making your graphics, imagery and branding ‘POP’ is super important if you want to stop your customers in their tracks.

Facebook is a prime example of that. What makes you pause when you scroll through your newsfeed? What could you do to make your business stand out in this same way?

Spend 60 minutes today pulling together images that represent your brand’s look and feel. Do this at least once a week so you can quickly pull images for any marketing you do like memes, articles, posts and tweets. This will save you heaps of time every week.

Paying attention to the smaller details will help you project your professional brand image – it will make you look BIGGER than you really are too!

Remember, the more you strive to create a professional business image, the more likely your customers and prospects will see your business as credible and overlook the fact that you are a female entrepreneur operating from a home-based location!

Here’s to being brand beautiful!


Vicki uses her powers of creativity, psychic intuition and passion to design distinctive, striking and creative brands throughout the world.
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